My name is Samantha Jo Reighard.

I have two beautiful babies, Gaige Malakai and Kinslee Kapree.

I am full of words and I don’t quite have enough time to spill my guts in one sitting so this is what I do instead. I blog, and for me it has become the best parts of my day besides my beautiful babies.

If you don’t know me you would think I was the sweetest person in the room, once you did get to know me, one may wish I was the only one leaving the room. I’m sure you will find so much more about me in my following posts but for now hold on to the fact that my dry sense of humor may make you laugh when you really need it.

I am a connoisseur of all of the things:

God (He made me come alive, no literally)

Coffee (or green tea lattes)

Wine (or whiskey whatever hits the spot)

Dogs (Just don’t lick me, or follow me home)

Babies (Literally I want all of the babies)

Traveling (Better make it around the world by 40)

Reading (A book a day, keeps stupidity away)

Singing at the top of my lungs (in my car or shower)

Writing (Blog, Duh!)

Making Mistakes (Yes! I love this one, I’m really good at it)

Learning (I am even better at learning from my mistakes)

Festivals (No I do not rave but also not opposed, I listen to all music all the time)

Sports (Everything but Curling and Jousting count me in.)

Tea Time (and watching men at Tee Time)

I am in hopes that this blog and my inserts of my life will teach you as much as I have learned, that you learn from my mistakes and my testimony, that you never forget that your never alone in this life and even more so that this world is so very big and there will always be more to life. I hope that on sad days I make you laugh and on prideful days it brings you back to reality.