How to win Disney and influence kids

How to Disney as a Single Parent!

This month for my sons fifth birthday I made it a goal to pay solely for a trip to Disneyland. I wanted to do something not only for him but something to prove I can do this to myself, I truly feel if you can survive a day of Disney with not one but two children you are the ultimate. If you are a single parent there are requirements you have to know before your departure. I officially did all of Disney including my gas there and back and our entry for under $500.00 and these requirements below are how I did it.

  1. Have a Friend, No seriously if I didn’t have my friend with me I would have lost one of my children.
  2. Make sure you know someone in or around California, if it’s possible this is a potential to save so much money. (people love helping single moms just remember to say thank you)
  3. Save some money for a Hat, the kids got to have ears okay.
  4. If it’s possible to buy your ears before, do so. Also, you can get stuffed animals before entrance and your kids can carry them along all day. (Don’t buy unnecessary stuff just because you’re at Disneyland)
  5. Visit Toontown for lunch and go to one of the stands, they are all inexpensive and make sure to look around because most of them literally give you a whole meal for five or six bucks.
  6. Always get your autograph book outside of Disney, find a souvenir shop down the road, the books inside are 15-20 dollars the books outside are just as cute and 5-10 dollars.
  7. Download the Disney app at all times, this is better than the map and every character time period is usually accurate.
  8. Always get the max pass and download it on your phone, the max pass gives you fast pass tickets to the rides and free professional Disney pictures to go along with it. (all for only an extra 10 dollars)
  9. All food and drinks are allowed to be brought into Disneyland, let me explain again, you can literally pack three meals for each person and eat for free.
  10. You will want to wait with snacks for the day parade and the night fireworks, the wait seems bad but it’s all worth it in the end, since everyone is blocking it off your kids pretty much have free realm of your circle to run around and play.
  11. Kids under 3 are free, yes again your toddlers can meet a million Disney characters for free, if they are tall enough to ride the rides they can also do so for free. (this saved me so much)
  12. Always bring a stroller if you have more than one child packing it or even flying with it is worth it I Promise, its 25$ a day at Disneyland and they do not have double strollers.
  13. Bring comfortable tennis shoes; you will be walking all day long. This seems like an obvious, but the amount of moms I seen in flip flops shocked me.
  14. Kids are going to be kids, they will be excited and they won’t know what to do with themselves, and it’s your job to smile and enjoy every moment of it.
  15. The lines are not as long as they look for characters; do not skip on seeing one of the characters your kids love. Check the times of each character in the morning when you arrive and map out when and what time you will see each one.
  16. If you log into your Disneyland app before you arrive to Disneyland you can plan your entire day, this is a must if you aren’t there for a long time.

If you would like to see pictures of our Disneyland trip head on over to my travel page or click the link below!

Disney Land


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