Called to Something More.

Sunday morning I woke up with this weird sense of peace, I woke up with a very open mindset, I felt excited. I wasn’t just excited because I was getting ready to pick up my babies; I was also really excited to get to church. I really felt like I needed the word that day….

The Yes Man

Constantly through decades of hardworking men and women, exceptional business people, entrepreneurs, creators, developers, astounding mothers and fathers, friends, confidants, and significant others I have noticed a trend of people trying their hardest to be a “yes” man or woman. People teach classes on becoming a yes person. They teach us to always say yes…

Say What! Pt.1

Alright so I have gotten some questions, whether it was emails from people after they read my blog, my friends, direct messages on social media, or maybe even down to someone I am talking to in mid conversation. I decided since I was so passionate about my answers I would start to jumble my answers publicly once a month….

Dancing in the streets of Barcelona

Since I was a teen I always remember having foreign exchange students. I lucked out because I have always been around the coolest ones but that is beside the point. I never could understand why they don’t adapt as well to being in the states as let’s say an American does. I have always known…