The Platforms we are Presented.

The number one thing I have learned over the years of my life is that every single person has their own opinion and every opinion can be right. I have tried not to alter anyone’s opinion on any social platform. I have also tried not to belittle someone because of their opinion. No matter how strong I feel about my opinions, my views, or my beliefs I do not believe that it is conducive to anyone in my life to argue what they feel. I do believe in defending people who can’t defend themselves although nowhere in that does that mean that you have to go to someone and make them feel smaller than you because you may believe your thoughts on a subject are better. I despise that in any conversation people believe talking down the other party or the person you are against will benefit any conversation.

Neither you nor anyone in this world looks intelligent in an argument to which you have to put the other person down. I, someone of great debate, but I do not actually even like to argue. I love getting my point across but I don’t like feeling like I have to defend what I believe in or what I know to be true to anyone. I absolutely love conversation and I love to debate back and forth between ideas of another person. I truly believe that everyone has their own right to an opinion and I would never want to take it away from someone.

Recently I have seen people online arguing about women’s rights, parenting, political views, religion, abortion, and none the less immunization. I still don’t see it right to put humans into different categories based on what they like or don’t like not even what they believe. Every person whether you are a celebrity, an Instagram model, a mother, a child, a human. You have the right to stand up for what you believe in, you have the right to speak your truths, you have the right to argue your truths if you would like. Upon breath you made yourself a platform to speak on. Now that we have gotten that out of the way let me give you some examples and truths that I am fully aware of standing by but not arguing with people about it.

I believe in Immunization, I have plenty of friends who don’t immunize their children and our kids play together just fine.

I believe in feminism and because I am woman I too have rights, but as a woman I promise to not take away a man’s rights nor belittle him solely because of men that previously treated me wrong and by wrong I mean what (I FELT) was wrong. I also believe that the man I want to be with will open my door and that has nothing to do with my rights as a woman. I also do not care about catcalling or someone reducing themselves by what they say to me because I am a strong woman and I don’t let things get to me, that does not mean I will allow another woman that isn’t strong to feel defenseless. I believe in all of women’s and men’s views.

I will continue to parent the way I have chosen for my life, and I will always support other parents in their journey of parenting as well. I may have come across contradicting to a few people on a parenting subject because I have agreed with how parents choose to parent their own children but I am not contradicting anything, I simply nod my head and agree that its awesome you choose to wake up every day and make a conscious decision to parent in general. It’s that simple, you want to give ideas back and forth amazing but if I don’t take your skills into consideration do not feel offended I love all ways of parenting and that doesn’t make any of us wrong.

Political views, this one gets me every single day. I am republican, I will always be republican unless some way somehow their views change and I somehow become in the terms of a democrat which I do not think will happen. I do not hate democrats and I do not talk badly to democrats. In fact I have found myself to get along with democrats more than I do people of my own party. This doesn’t mean I agree with everything the Republican Party has put into republican guidelines nor do I disagree with anything a democrat has to say. Because before I stand for a party, I STAND AS A HUMAN. I want everyone to be able to sit down and have an intelligent conversation with or against my opinions without anyone getting worked up because I am intelligent enough to not allow my views to get in the way of humans. I do not feel it is right in any way shape or form for anyone to argue anyone’s opinion but I also know when someone asks a question that seems to step on toes they should understand that there are reciprocations and they need to be ready for someone to speak with them.

Religion, I do not believe anyone in this world should bring up religion until you are comfortable with the person, obviously ask the question first because you need to know what you’re working with but I don’t think religion or God should ever be argued, EVER! I will say that I do not believe in religion I believe in relation but I do love going to a Christian church because I simply walk in and (I FEEL) accepted. If you have noticed (I FEEL) is completely solo, only myself I am not trying to convert or speak any certain way. The (I FEEL) method works everywhere you should try it out.

Abortion, very simple! It’s not for me, but you are not me, and again I accept you as a human to do whatever you need in your life. You DO NOT criticize someone ever for this opinion either way because no one comes out okay from this subject, if you feel it is a necessary topic then you send out all of the (I FEEL’s ) and all of the positive energy because when this topic is approached no one feels better coming out of a negative conversation.

Now that I have given you a few examples, I want to express the importance of your platform. Although it seems that you sometimes don’t have a voice, maybe you feel quiet in a group of friends, or you don’t feel educated enough to speak on topics you will always have a platform to stand on if you’re expressing your own feelings about something. If you take out (THIS IS) and put in (I FEEL) you get out of every conversation with a better conversation and you find out so much more about the people you have connected with. The other thing is trying to change your brain into truly believing that all opinions matter. Could you imagine a world without different opinions, (I FEEL) like that would make us all the same and who wants to be the same as everyone else? Honestly, I am so passionate about other people’s opinions because I have learned so much in the span of a few years just by simply opening my ears and heart to people.

If you take anything away from this, I hope it is the pure fact that you should start debates on trying to change someone’s mine but more so learning more about them and why they choose what they choose. Let’s leave the debates to the politicians, lawyers, presidents, and the house. We have enough on our plate just being humans. Stop arguing your point and start accepting other people for being different even if it hurts, and believe me it took me a lot of hurt to start my journey of acceptance.

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