So, What’s Next…

Upon this crazy adventure of finding myself, yet again, I put myself in a conundrum. I am absolutely positive that I am not alone in the thousandth venture of finding myself. In fact, I have realized that personally I don’t ever want to completely find myself. I believe that if you are in constant connection with who you are you will always continue the road to finding out more about yourself. I also found out that I know me right now and I really like her.

When I planned out this recent choice in my life to stay single and work on myself, not to date anyone, and I would strictly focus on my problems alone. I planned out my debt, I planned out times of my day to do different activities, I planned out meals, I planned out everything from Monday morning to Sunday morning and I left Sunday afternoon and night to keep available for my “whatever” time. I even put half of an hour to read (this is actually a thing moms do) I made this plan on Saturday morning, on Tuesday there was an older lady walking alongside the road and although I wanted to give her a ride I knew I had already planned my time that day and I couldn’t miss a minute, by Wednesday morning I got into my car to continue my routine and thought “what the heck am I doing?” If you have read previous blogs of mine or know me at all, you will find that every single epiphany I have ever had, has come to me in my car. I literally was going to try and find myself amongst having the same exact routine, morning to night. I don’t care who you are of where you come from but if you plan out every single moment of your day you are not going to grow. I missed an opportunity to grow as an individual because I didn’t pick that little old lady up like I usually would have, I bet she probably would have had at least good conversation and even if she said No I would have grown knowing I was willing to help someone out. Every day of my life I want to choose not to miss opportunities. I don’t want to plan out my days any more than they have to be.

So, what’s next? If I wasn’t going to plan out each and every single day what could I do to become a better person? What can you do to become a better person and find out more about yourself? What are things I can plan on doing without sealing my entire day shut off to anyone else?

You travel; that doesn’t mean spend a bunch of money, and it can be something as small as taking a long drive on a day off and adventuring out into your state or city.

 You don’t miss opportunities; this can be anything from going out to see a friend you haven’t seen in a while, traveling the world, to helping someone out alongside the road.

You focus on the important; this is you and your people. This could be a constant reminder to wanting to better yourself and influence your friends to be better, all the way to giving yourself a moment to reflect and breathe.

You learn; this is something so important to me, this is not just going back to school and educating yourself but learning more about your strengths and weaknesses as an individual, learning a new language, reading a book and learning or taking something from it, learning your mantra or a quote you found inspiring.

You inspire; this is living out the best life that you possibly can, this is smiling through the rough and tough times, this is being a genuine human to people, and this is being honest and intentional at all times.

You leave no judgment and take no judgment; this means leave the judging to the people that went to school for it or to God, that’s it, this means you take no negativity from anyone, like I have said a million times over, you are the only one that can take in what you choose, so continue to choose positive through it all.

Always Remember the famous words of Rhi Rhi “I get it How I live it, I live it how I get it.”

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